Service removals

We have over 40 years of experience in relocation services.
We offer relocation services for private homes and companies from transport services to full-service relocations.

The basic concept of our relocation services includes a van, carriers, boxes and any packaging materials. The full-service relocation includes additionally a planning of the relocation, packing assistance, dismantling and assembling of furniture, cleaning services and any other additional service that our customer desires.

Business relocations are always planned with the customer so that any disturbances caused to the customer’s business due to the relocation are minimized. Business relocations usually also require a disposal service of archives, waste skips, furnishing planning, etc. and we provide all these services.
(Business relocation done to Metla in Joensuu featured in the photo.)

In full-service relocations we use services provided by our partner Realisointi Karelia. They specialise for example in professional organising services and realisation of excess furniture. Read more

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